Wednesday, July 15, 2009

RXZ 135cc

enter my next infatuation, a yamaha RXZ 135 cc, 5 speed, pre-owned. After sixth form, i enrolled in a teacher training college in Perak. i was paid an allowance of rm345. God, those days, 345 for a student like me, was heaven. albeit the deduction of almost 60% ( for accomodation and food), i felt unable to push aside the temptation of a proven road racer. Much persuasion on my part to daddy and mummy, and finally, the much desired bike became mine. the remaining of my allowance was around rm150, and from that amount, i paid the instalment for rm120 per month.... rm30 for fuel and rendezvous huh? i don't know how i survived, but survived i did... wbh7643, zig zagging tanjung malim, historical valley, much known for its mouth watering kaya pau. it came in black, grey striped, and oh my, how it matched the handsome me.

on this bike, i scaled perak north to south, uphill and downhill. so deep was my love, that i rode it to lecture hall, barely 500metres from my hostel.. the only time we were apart was when i slept. other than that, it's me, and the bike.

the bike was sufficiently safe and easy to handle, considering my style of riding. i didn't modify the bike, partly due to the RM constraints, but mostly because i wasn't really into modifying. not my cup of tea, u could say.

when i graduated, the bike remained loyal to me... but truth be told, i wasn't that loyal to her. however, i did manage to remain with her for almost 3 years after i started working. i repainted her with maroon colour, and used her to commute daily from mom's place to work, around 20km to and fro..

to be continued....

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